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It is easy to get overwhelmed when first beginning to learn about something new to you and simultaneously ancient. It can also be easy to get bogged down with poor Google search results and you really just want to find out something usable.

Chakras are vast!

I will be the first to admit it. It has taken me more than a decade and I can still expand my knowledge further. In an effort to break the chakra scope down into digestible sections of information, I developed a different way of looking at your energy centers, a Chakra Chic exclusive.

By breaking up such a large concept, it becomes easier to be aware and then align and balance.

Grace dawn

The Three Parts of Your Chakras


The correspondences
make up the chakra landscape. Each energy center relates to a specific color, shape, sense, musical note, flower, herb and more. There is even a day of the week.


The ecosystem includes the physical, mental and emotional areas each chakra governs. Each chakra influences physical health, our patterns of thought and even how we manage our emotions.


The environment you create for your chakras attributes to the atmosphere. Self sabotage creates a crappy atmosphere for chakras to thrive. Mindful, intentional living establishes a supportive environment for chakras.

I like to keep things clear and concise. I have an entirely different approach to not only learning about your energy centers but understanding AND most importantly, applying that knowledge. Learn more about My Method.

Do you find this helpful? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂

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