Root Yourself Checklist

Getting your chic together is a lot more than people think. It means having a solid foundation that you design in order to create a thriving and steadfast Root Chakra.

There is a certain magical feeling of having things clean + tidy. We often overlook this magic when it comes to our virtual organization. Computer files, overloaded phone pictures, messy inboxes do cause stress whether we realize it or not. Knowing you can open your device and go right to what you need is not just a happy feeling but an efficient shift in life + business.

Clean out + glow up.

Here are five ways to get you ready to align everything from your inbox to your cell phone pictures to get you ready to thrive this year. We need all the good juju we can get, right? Be sure to grab your FREE checklist below!

Rock that Root 2021

Clean out your inbox.
Create files for better storage.
Update your background photo.
Delete old contacts.
Schedule Weekly Virtual Cleaning Sesh

Why such a short list? Because these tasks take TIME. Give yourself plenty to tackles these items. Some may take a few rounds. Don’t try to knock it out all at once. Instead set aside time for this activity + create a nice environment. Play some fabulous music, light a candle; simply put, make it not suck. This is the perfect maintenance mission for Mondays when we live by 7 |7.

Want more? Score your free Virtual Organization Checklist below!

** Reminder: 7 | 7 is a Chakra for each day. Mondays are the Root Chakra. This day is perfect for knocking out organizational/foundational tasks. **

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