My Fave Meditation Music + a tiny story

It isn’t always easy to find just the right music for your meditation practice. Sometimes it can even feel like Goldilocks. This one is too distracting, this one is too quiet. Here are my absolute FAVE music choices that I listen to daily. Many hours are spent plugging away at the computer with the soft, soothing sounds playing through my day. Be sure to read the excerpt about the last video. (Hint: I saved the best for last 😉 )

This choice is perfect if you enjoy Native American flute music.
For the fan of a Sitar and the sound of far off lands.
This one is great for more Tibetan vibes.
The BEST ONE! Of course I would be biased. Read teeny story below.

First things first: for those of my young readers + friends- This is a magical, antique called a cassette tape. 🙂 I begged for this tape when I was seven. It was at a nature store that was like, the absolute bomb! (we said things like that back then.) Well my mother did buy it for me and I began my life long meditation practice way back twenty-seven years ago. (MY GOD that’s a long time ago.) The first time I went deep into meditation was to this sound. The first time I lucid dreamt was falling asleep to this tape. The first time I preformed a Chakra Balancing session under Chakra Chic was to this very lullaby almost thirty years later. Life is funny like that and often, if we look, there is a full circle story right before us.

Enjoy these musical selections and if you don’t, then keep looking. Your perfect meditation melody is out there waiting for you!


Moving Meditation Ideas

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