Hey there, I’m Grace Dawn.

I am a Certified Chakra Therapist.

A decade ago I began developing a way to balance your chakras and your life. Today that has grown into 7|7 Aligned Living. In addition, I have simplified the process of teaching about and learning chakras.

My analytical nature has allowed me to create a system for assessing chakra health; utilized in addition to my intuition.

Equal amount of time has been spent separately learning Chronic Illness, Autoimmune Disease, the toll it takes on the specific body functions. To aid people in healing, I created Crystal Prescriptions that are specific to the needs of each Disease/Illness.

My analytical and psychology-loving self has allowed me to create a system for assessing chakra health that is utilized in addition to my intuition. I use only the traditional views of chakra health but with an added analytical twist.

My desire is for the study of Chakras, or Chakracology, to be funneled into a more accepting society. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychologists and many fields that are commonplace now, once had to fight to be viewed as legitimate. I have initiated the first Chakra Research Study and fully intend on creating a deeper understanding of the role chakras play in society.

Additionally, I also run Wellness Curator, Chakra Chic’s sister business. There you can find all the physical sides of wellness; herbalism, supplement guidance, nutrition, smoothie + juice therapy and Tai Chi. I focus on anti-inflammation and reversing chronic illness.


Tai Chi Instructor

Spiritual Counselor

Holistic Health

Chakra Therapist

Life Coach

Meditation Instructor