I have developed multiple virtual + in person services in order to best treat your needs. Let’s get you aligned + feeling fly.
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Clarity Call

Clarity Calls are short 20-30 minute conversations where we touch base on what you need in order to feel more aligned your life. Complete with a few options to get you feeling spiritually chic.

Chakra Assessment

Formerly known as a Chakra Consultation, this offering is a bit more in depth than the above service. A chakra assessment involves a quick conversation + questionnaire. I will ask you 5-7 questions that cover your overall physical and emotional chakra health. Through your answers we are able to get a clear picture of your strongest and weakest energy centers based on my unique approach.

1:1 Chakra Therapy

This 8 Week Program dives deep into exactly what you are needing to feel your best. We cover past baggage, physical issues, spiritual wellness and more; all to ensure you are balanced + thriving.

Oracle Card Readings

I specialize in large spreads. I have many different options to choose from according to what you need to know.

Crystal Therapy

This service is unfortunately suspended at this time. When the COVID-19 surges are finished, I may once again open my doors to in person therapy appointments.