If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then yantras are the window to the chakras.

Chakra Chic

Described as a visual representation of 3D shapes, yantras are a gateway to deep, immersive meditation. I am always preaching that meditation can look like so many things. This is a perfect example.

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5 Crystals for Autumn

Crystals make everything better- yes, even the seasons!

These five stones will have you feeling refreshed, re-inspired and ready to take on a fabulous Fall season. From trauma to self esteem and deep, cellular healing, these crystals are ready to uplift some mojo and get those chakras chic in no time.

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Root Yourself Checklist

Getting your chic together is a lot more than people think. It means having a solid foundation that you design in order to create a thriving and steadfast Root Chakra.
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CC Vocabulary

It is easy to get overwhelmed when first beginning to learn about something new to you and simultaneously ancient. It can also be easy to get bogged down with poor Google search results and you really just want to find out something usable.

Chakras are vast!

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My Fave Meditation Music + a tiny story

It isn’t always easy to find just the right music for your meditation practice. Sometimes it can even feel like Goldilocks. This one is too distracting, this one is too quiet. Here are my absolute FAVE music choices that I listen to daily. Many hours are spent plugging away at the computer with the soft, soothing sounds playing through my day. Be sure to read the excerpt about the last video. (Hint: I saved the best for last 😉 )

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5 Moving Meditations To Do Today

Meditation is more than just sitting on the floor, right? YES! Here is a short list of moving options to suit your meditation style.

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5 Meditation Myths Busted

“Sometimes people have a very closed minded idea of something that is meant to open the mind. “

Grace Dawn

Meditation comes in so many forms and types with many purposes. There is something for everybody.

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Why F-ing Your Fear is Worth Your Time

It is time to shake off the dust! Agree? 2020 put a cloud of bleh over many aspects of life. It shown a glaring light at the lack of security dwelling in our root chakra. For some it has been an entire YEAR of fear facing. What’s more for others it also showed perseverance in the face of fear.

Pressure makes Diamonds

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Your Chakras Through the Scope of a Global Pandemic

Some notes should be made on the adverse reactions to our world being turned upside down. Here are just a few examples of unforeseen situations and the chakra they hit.

Food Shortage ——- Root Chakra
Unpredictable Healthcare ——– Root/Sacral/Heart
Work Layoff’s ——- Root/Sacral/Solar P/ Heart
Unemployment struggles ——– Root/Solar P
Travel halted —- Sacral/Heart
Families unable to gather —– Sacral/Heart/Throat
Loss of all social structure —– Root/Sacral/Solar P/Heart
Vaccination issues —— Root
Churches closed —– Sacral/Heart/Crown
Extra Curriculars closed —- Sacral/Heart/Third Eye/Crown
Presidential Campaigns —- Root/Sacral/Solar P./Heart

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20 Ways to Rock Your Inner Child

Chakras for the Skeptic

Maybe you are new to the whole chakra thing. Maybe you are a skeptic, which I love about you, because I am too. You may be looking at your issues, your challenges, your past and think, “this is not going to help or heal me”.


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