If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then yantras are the window to the chakras.

Chakra Chic

Described as a visual representation of 3D shapes, yantras are a gateway to deep, immersive meditation. I am always preaching that meditation can look like so many things. This is a perfect example.

If you are old enough then you should remember the first screensavers of the 90’s. They were 3D shapes that floated around the screen- and you could get quite captivated, especially back then. Today we have so many visuals but that doesn’t mean they are good for meditation.

Yantras can specifically engage the chakras for premium saturation and indulgence. Corresponding colors, shapes and symbols to gaze upon for stimulation! The energies cleanse and boost these precious center within our being. Think of it this way- there are so many visualization techniques that are proven to relax the mind and body. There are so many chakra visualization methods where you focus on the color red for your Root Chakra. Or Orange for the Sacral. Another example is to see a shape in your mind’s eye. Square for Root, Crescent for Sacral. A yantra is essentially a combination of those aspects relating the the specific Chakra.

Truth be told I accidentally made something a year ago. It was back in the early days of my baby business, Chakra Chic. On Tuesdays I allow time for creation. A free for all where I just create whatever, no parameters. That day I felt like playing on Canva, which is something I do from time to time. I created these mini videos representing each chakra. I called them Chakra Gazes not thinking anything about it and went on about my day. It wasn’t until months later that I put it all together and realized I made a version of a yantra. This brings me to my next point.

I am not tech savvy.

Unfortunately for this instance it means that I have not been able to get the yantras to upload properly. However IF you would like to see this mysterious moving shape thing- you can go to my Instagram (@chakra.chic) and see the story highlight entitled “Yantras”.

Yantras, historically speaking…

are not just from India. They exist in different forms within many cultures.

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