5 Crystals for Autumn

Crystals make everything better- yes, even the seasons!

These five stones will have you feeling refreshed, re-inspired and ready to take on a fabulous Fall season. From trauma to self esteem and deep, cellular healing, these crystals are ready to uplift some mojo and get those chakras chic in no time.

Known as one of the most grounding and healing crystals, Smokey Quartz also helps tolerate challenging times with acceptance and resolve. This VIP stone also aids in blocking geopathic stress and is a potent aid in releasing that which no longer serves you; perfect for the Fall season.

Citrine, also the November birthstone, produces positivity, boosts self esteem and self confidence. It also helps establish motivation and individuality. Citrine is beneficial for attracting abundance and encourages sharing of resources, an major theme of the harvest season.

Tangerine quartz is an incredible stone with the ability to heal any condition. Perfect for themes of October, this multidimensional cellular memory healer can help with past life healing. Tangerine quartz also eases guilt, trauma and teaches how to give and receive.

Use Gold Rutilated Quartz to help clear out any energy blockages of all chakras. It also filters negative energies and removes any barriers to your spiritual growth. Ie: depression, fear and anxiety. GRQ also cleanses and energizes the body, mind, and soul.

Peach selenite is powerful emotional healer. Known as being the stone of emotional transformation, peach selenite transmutes energy into healing and forgiveness. This powerful crystal boosts self awareness and clears any issues of abandonment, rejection and betrayal.

These five stones are perfectly paired for the Autumn Season. Whether you need an energy overhaul, if you are working to release old patterns, or wanting some past life healing these stones can assist! Use these stones as tools to push out old, stale issues and baggage and usher in a lighter, happier season.

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