5 Moving Meditations To Do Today

Meditation is more than just sitting on the floor, right? YES! Here is a short list of moving options to suit your meditation style.

Of course you have heard of Yoga so I will skip that one for now. I will however, recommend this book to boost that Chakra Energy!

Zen Garden

You could turn your backyard into a destination Zen garden but let’s get real. Many of us apartment dwellers do not have such a choice. Enter the next best thing. Your own personal mini Zen garden! I just ordered this one. But there are many styles to choose from. The raking of the sand is calming and gives the body something to “do”. Many fidgety people feel they must be doing something with their hands. Sometimes this shows with nervous movements, like constantly touching your face and adjusting your hair. People with these tendencies would benefit from Zen Gardens and Crystal Grids, our next topic.

Crystal Grids

There are hundreds of ways to construct a crystal grid. There are many physical grids to use or use none at all. Crystal gridding is like any other meditation, as unique as you. Here are some wonderful books on Crystal Grids if you want to learn specifics. However laying out your stones with your intention is also beneficial in and of itself.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi gets a weird rep. I have been teaching Tai Chi for a decade and people still think it is for “ya Grandma”. I assure you, it is not. Tai Chi is soft movements which are perfect for those who do not like to hold poses for long. Keeping the continuous flow of movement and chi is the meditation. Tai Chi boosts blood circulation, improves mindfulness, balance, coordination, mobility, agility, strength, the body’s ability to detoxify, and several other incredible benefits. It decreases stress, PTSD flashbacks, body pain and inflammation. It actually also strengthens lung power. I admit I have done a poor job of putting up videos but in the future I hope to have some great moves for you to learn. For you now, just know I am working on it.


Dancing is super affective at boosting blood circulation, too. There are so many sensual dance videos to wake up with. Tap into that divine fem energy and burn some calories at the same time. Get your hips moving and feel the music. Zone out and enjoy the moment or focus on a particular intention. Either way dancing definitely qualifies as a moving meditation.

Hopefully this gets you a bit inspired to move and chill at the same time.


My Fave Meditation Music

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