5 Meditation Myths Busted

“Sometimes people have a very closed minded idea of something that is meant to open the mind. “

Grace Dawn

Meditation comes in so many forms and types with many purposes. There is something for everybody.

If you don’t like to sit, that is okay! There are so many moving meditations that still calm the body and quiet the mind. Plus, we can always build up to a sitting practice if you so choose.

Don’t want to stare at a wall? There are meditations that focus on gazing into candles, colors, and natural elements. Did you know that?

Don’t feel like you can meditate for an hour? You don’t have to. Mini meditations are a thing and can last as little as five minutes. Listed below are Five Meditation Myths.

Regardless your intention or challenges, if you want to learn more about meditation, I got you!

Meditation has been used to benefit chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, insomnia and drug addiction.

Long known to increase mental and physical relaxation, meditation is frequently used to increase mindfulness. Being present in the moment is the gateway to a more consistently calm state of mind. But how does one practice mindfulness in an age where our ADD/ADHD can distract us faster than a fruit fly in June?

“Let’s break down the meditation barriers to create a practice that is unique and ideal for you.”

Grace Dawn

What style do you want to learn about? Comment on this post and I will create a post for you!


Moving Meditations
Fave Meditation Music

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