Some notes should be made on the adverse reactions to our world being turned upside down. Here are just a few examples of unforeseen situations and the chakra they hit.

Food Shortage ——- Root Chakra
Unpredictable Healthcare ——– Root/Sacral/Heart
Work Layoff’s ——- Root/Sacral/Solar P/ Heart
Unemployment struggles ——– Root/Solar P
Travel halted —- Sacral/Heart
Families unable to gather —– Sacral/Heart/Throat
Loss of all social structure —– Root/Sacral/Solar P/Heart
Vaccination issues —— Root
Churches closed —– Sacral/Heart/Crown
Extra Curriculars closed —- Sacral/Heart/Third Eye/Crown
Presidential Campaigns —- Root/Sacral/Solar P./Heart

This year could make even the most grounded person feel absolutely bewildered and lost.

Like I said, everything and every way we functioned either halted, ceased or took a big hit. This year could make even the most grounded person feel absolutely bewildered and lost. Say that to yourself again so your heart HEARS it-

The Root Chakra holds our security, our safety and survival.
The Sacral holds our emotions, physical health and relationships.
The Solar Plexus encompasses our personal power, self control, and self value.
The Heart contains our understanding, acceptance, and love.
The Throat holds our ability to communicate with others, creative expressions and knowledge.
The Third Eye contains our intuition, insight and peace of mind.
The Crown encompasses our spirituality, understanding and connection with the Divine.

Take a look at the list of areas that you have been affected by. Work with the energy centers that fit with the 2020 problem. That is a good starting point to guide you when regaining Chakra Health after such a tumultuous year!

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