Why F-ing Your Fear is Worth Your Time

It is time to shake off the dust! Agree? 2020 put a cloud of bleh over many aspects of life. It shown a glaring light at the lack of security dwelling in our root chakra. For some it has been an entire YEAR of fear facing. What’s more for others it also showed perseverance in the face of fear.

Pressure makes Diamonds

What about those other fears? The ones we have been living with for too long? Such a year for reflection that you may be wanting to take a deeper look at this whole spiritual growth thing. What is left to tackle?

I felt this way and I decided to make a run of it. The whole month is specifically devoted to F(*&ing the fears that have been a part of my chakra story for too long.

It’s time to close this chapter, Darling!

Fear facing involves your chakras. You can’t do it without them! Well, you can, it just won’t be as effective.

The Seven Chakras in Relation to Fear
Root- Thinking you do not have enough.
Sacral- Feeling you are not enough.
Solar Plexus- Thinking you can’t.
Heart- Feeling you don’t understand.
Throat- Being unable to speak about your fear and your feelings.
Third Eye- Not understanding where you fit into the big picture.
Crown- Not believing that everything will work out.

Remember- this year has been an energetic workout MARATHON!

It is okay to be tired.

Fear can do all kinds of flow-stopping things to a chakra! Do any of these thoughts or emotions stand out for you? If yes, then work on those energy centers first. OR! just sit back for a little while and you will be able to receive my FREE F*&^ Your Fears Guide. But you will have to stay tuned!

This post may also be helpful. Chakras and a Global Pandemic.

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