20 Ways to Rock Your Inner Child


  1. Turn chores into games
    Example: Remember when you could turn that trashcan into a basketball goal? Don’t just tidy the room, sharpen that depth perception and play a game already.

    How I do It: Now I know this next item may sound ridiculous but I am quite silly by nature. With that in mind I like to sing songs in silly voices while I do the dishes. I have a fascination with voice over work and I enjoy mimicking other voices. I have a closet full of them; from “plastic voice” to “old male country singer”. It is pointless and fun. By the time I am tired of singing the dishes are done.
  2. Have a cartoon marathon
    Example: I am a eighties baby/ninties kid so my go to’s may not be the same as yours. The Real Ghostbusters, Garfield and Friends, Alf (which is technically not a cartoon) and Doug.

    How I do it: One of my favorite things about the colder months is that they are divine times for Cartoon Watching Events. I am saying make a whole ordeal out of it. Eat something for breakfast that, dare I say it, may not be the most healthy start to your day but one that is a special, delicious treat. My man and I plan ahead so the house is clean; that way we can really enjoy the morning. We make French Toast, pull out the couch bed or watch from the bedroom TV.
  3. Play with play doh
    Example: Working with a moldable substance can be quite relaxing. It can also be a way to connect with your inner kid.

    How I did it: Let’s take it a step farther and make your own! There are so many recipes for DIY slime and doh and tons of variations. Some glow in the dark, some are magnetic and the ingredient list is usually simple items from the grocery store. How am I so well versed in the world of strange DIY substances? I used to be a Children’s Librarian.
  4. Make a Blanket Fort
    Example: Backyard or Living Room

    I have not personally done this but I love the idea and think it would pair perfectly with a Saturday Cartoon Marathon, just saying.
  5. Make some Hot Chocolate
    Example: Swiss Miss? or Drinking Chocolate is always a great choice!
  6. Rake a Pile of Leaves and JUMP IN
  7. Read a childhood favorite book
  8. Play on Tiktok
    It may not be what I did as a child because there wasn’t even an internet (HAHAHA) but I will say I have lots of fun on TIKTOK just being silly. My sister loves seeing the funny videos too.
  9. Create a mini altar to your Inner Child
    What are some things you loved as a kid? A figurine, a stuffed animal, baby doll, favorite picture book, something from nature, postcard from a family vacation…. any items that remind you of your younger self will work beautifully. Make it yours and spend some time with it when you need a pick me up.
  10. Play Outside
    Go hiking, to a park, scavenger hunt, swing on a swing, play on the merry go round. Just being outside can lift the spirit but playing really brings on the benefits.
  11. Write a letter to your inner child.
    I have not done this but I can see how it would be cathartic.
  12. Play a game.
    Board game, outdoor game, Hide and go Seek if you have a roommate, sibling or friend who feels like being silly, card games, or a gaming system if you like that sort of thing.
  13. Eat your favorite Childhood Treat
    I mentioned on TEC this week that I have a love for chocolate poptarts! I only eat them about once a year but it always takes me back.
  14. Eat your favorite Childhood Candy
    Yes, similar to #13 but different. Spread out the two if they are both sweet so your blood sugar doesn’t increase.
  15. Play an old album from your Childhood
    Music has a way of transporting us. Using that for inner child play can be fun. Did you have a favorite soundtrack?
  16. Color
    Grab an adult coloring book or a kid’s one, some markers/crayons and go to town.
  17. Paint or craft
    Water colors or popcicle sticks… make something and just enjoy the process. This is for fun not perfection.
  18. Watch an old movie from your youth
    Last week I watched Casper (1995 movie) and had such a blast!
  19. Watch a movie and enjoy dinner outside
    Set out some blankets and pillows. You can use your phone, a tablet, laptop or buy a fancy projector. It is such a simple way to do something different. Absolutely worth the effort.
  20. Are you singing in the shower?
    You should be! Nothing is more freeing than getting down in the shower. Don’t worry what you sound like. Kids don’t care!

    BONUS**** and one of my favorites that I do all the time because I don’t care if people see me…. DANCE IN YOUR CAR!! especially if you are stuck in traffic.

I have so many more but those will come later. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful. This is an amazing season for playing and being youthful. Focus on the words, INNOCENT JOY. Let that guide you to create some ideas of your own. What brought you pure innocent joy when you were young?

Grace Dawn