Chakras for the Skeptic

Maybe you are new to the whole chakra thing. Maybe you are a skeptic, which I love about you, because I am too. You may be looking at your issues, your challenges, your past and think, “this is not going to help or heal me”.


When it comes to trusting mysterious energy or philosophies it can seem pointless, hokey, outdated. When I first discovered the chakra thang I was not in an open minded place. I wanted real solutions not mantas and “junk” like that.

I want to take a moment to not just explain what the 7 Main Chakra Centers are but also to briefly mention why it is worth your time.

Let’s break this down into facts.

  1. Life is tough.
  2. Bad things happen to not just good, but great people.
  3. Our past can haunt us as long as we let it.
  4. Therapy, whether alternative or traditional is not for everybody.

Chakras can seem a bit overwhelming at first. So in the most plain terms I want to simplify this for you.

Root Chakra– allows you to feel stable, safe and secure.
Sacral Chakra– allows you to feel acceptance, creative, and the stunning, sexual creature that you are.
Solar Plexus– allows you to tap into your personal power, will and motivation.
Heart Chakra– allows you to feel love, compassion and empathy.
Throat Chakra– allows you to feel comfortable voicing your opinions.
Third Eye– allows you to accept processes, time, and tap into your intuition.
Crown Chakra– allows you to feel connected to a higher power.

In short, energy flows up from the Root for stability and down from the Crown for understanding and wisdom. Yes, energy flows both ways, up and down.

Now that I have broken that down into the most simplified terms, I still have to answer the question, “Why bother?”.

Knowing yourself means understanding your motivations, reactions, and accepting your flaws and loving yourself anyway. We work through our flaws our whole life. It is the basis for growth. Don’t you want to grow into yourself? This is why to bother, to grow more than you think you ever could. That is what chakras do. They create such a sacred space of learning about yourself in new depths and that leads to healing and happiness. It isn’t so mystical.

Chakras are the platform where self understanding happens. BAM.

Whether you choose traditional therapy or Chakra therapy, no progress will be made if you don’t know or learn more about yourself. It is much easier to grasp your individual complexities when we have a system, a road map. Chakras are that road map. So if the word “energy” throws you off and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, that’s okay. Think of chakras as the layout of all our life experiences.

They break this huge concept down into seven, digestible nooks within your psyche. That is why it is worth your time. You are amazing and worth learning about.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at Or DM @chakra.chic on the Gram. There is nothing lame about choosing to not walk around in this life with your shoulders covered in chips and baring weights of steel. Lighten that load, Baby!

Cheers Darling!
Grace Dawn
Formerly Traumatized Chakracologist.